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#6: How to Choose a College – Dr. David Wunder

Choosing a college or university is one of the most important decisions we make in life. It is also one of the most challenging decisions we will ever face. With so many options available and issues to consider, the process can seem overwhelming. In this podcast, I discuss many of the issues to consider with Dr. David Wunder, Dean of Faculty Development and Research Initiatives at Calvin University.

Dr. Wunder became serious about his faith as a sophomore in high school and headed off to college eager to grow both intellectually and spiritually. He chose to attend a small public university for his Bachelor of Science degree (Missouri University of Science and Technology). From there he attended large public universities for his Master of Science degree (University of Iowa) and his Ph.D. (University of Minnesota). In all three universities, he found ways to flourish in his faith and excel academically.

He has now been on the faculty at Calvin University, a Christian university since 2004 (for more see his Calvin University Faculty Profile.). Here in this Christian college context, he has also seen many students flourish. 

In our conversation, Dr. Wunder shares his insights concerning the pros and cons of both secular and Christian college education, and how to thrive in both contexts. He also provides a wealth of information about what to consider when choosing a college, sure to be helpful to all prospective college students and their parents as they wrestle with this momentous decision.

In this podcast we discuss: 

  • The benefits of attending a Christian college or university
  • The challenges of attending a Christian college or university
  • How to evaluate a college or university during a campus visit
  • How to thrive as a Christian at a secular university
  • How to find a healthy Christian fellowship on campus
  • The challenges of attending a secular college or university
  • Other ways Christian students can thrive in a secular context
  • How to discern which college or university is best for you/your son or daughter  
  • Further thoughts on how to maximize a campus visit
  • How to find information about graduation and placement percentages
  • How to avoid unnecessary stress in the selection process
  • The two ways to think about how to choose a college 

Resources mentioned during our conversation:


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  2. Justice Akpan
    Justice Akpan March 10, 2021

    Thanks for sharing this important information that can support families and students when deciding on the college to attend instead of following the crowd.

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