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Flourishing in both heart and mind during the university years...and beyond

Christian students can grow in both faith and knowledge–whether attending a secular or a Christian college or university. Proverbs 15:22 indicates how to succeed in this:Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.” College Faith guests provide wise counsel to help Christian students excel during these formative years.

If you are a ...


My guests will help you find other believers on campus, evaluate what you hear and read from a Christian perspective, and engage others in redemptive ways.


My guests will help you understand the opportunities and challenges your child will encounter, and how to provide wisdom, insights, and counsel.


My guests will help you better understand today's university and its ideas, so you can help students prepare for and journey through this formative season.

Most Recent Podcast

#21: Reframing the “Evolution or Creation” Debate?

My guest today is Dr. Charles Thaxton, a chemist who is one of the founders of a movement that reframed the debate over evolution and creation. He co-authored The Mystery of Life’s Origin: Reassessing Current Theories, which sparked what has come to be known as the “Intelligent Design” movement in the study of origins. This reframing of the creation/evolution debate has both strong supporters and strong critics. In our conversation we delve into exactly what “ID” is and is not, the data that supports this approach to origins, what critiques are made of this approach, and how he responds to

Show Notes

Dr. Wallace unveils many of the challenges and opportunities available to Christian students and provides space for his guests to share their own insights and experiences. All students striving to follow Christ should listen to this podcast.

-Christy Moran Craft, Ph.D., Professor of Higher Education, Kansas State University

This is a very unique and critically important podcast. It was an honor to be Dr. Wallace's guest and discuss issues that college students are facing, and how to integrate biblical teaching into their academic majors.

-J. P. Moreland, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Philosophy,
Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

Dr. Wallace knows how to ask the right questions. His God-given curiosity and familiarity with the university will uncover helpful insights. I recommend that you tune in to his podcast regularly.

-Liam Atchison, Ph.D., historian, author, former professor, dean, and pastor, currently Senior Vice President, Global Scholars

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