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#29: Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Time Well

My guest today is Dr. Phil Bishop, Emeritus Professor at the University of Alabama. Due to the pressures he faced as a student and then as a professor at a leading university, Phil has thought much about the whys and hows of managing his time well so as to excel both professionally and spiritually. He shares some of what he’s learned about time management. 


In this podcast we discuss:

  • How Phil learned to manage his time well
  • Why learning to manage time well is so important
  • The importance of making time management choices based on priorities  
  • Time management and a weekly day of rest
  • Why we shouldn’t be “crazy busy”
  • Being sure to get what we are paying for at college
  • Tips on saving time by keeping track of documents
  • How working ahead by leveraging a calendar saves time
  • Time management as a stress-reducer
  • The value of learning to say “no”
  • The role of prayer in time management
  • How knowing yourself is essential to managing your time effectively
  • Combining tasks to maximize your time
  • Succeeding by doing small things well through good time management
  • Learning from others who manage their time better than you
  • A practical first step to managing your time better
  • Why Phil wishes he had managed his time a little less and been a bit less “productive”


Resources mentioned during our conversation:


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  2. Mikhail Kosenkov
    Mikhail Kosenkov June 1, 2023

    Loved the episode! Could you please add a “Playback Speed” option to your audio-player on this website? The one that can play audio at 1.25 or 1.5 speeds…

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